Making real-time decisions while staying on track toward long-term goals is much more difficult today compared to only a few years ago. There are no shortages of headwinds to deal with such as inflation, interest rates, labor issues, supply chain disruptions, or returning to the office. This Quarterly Economic and M&A Market Update offers relevant information to enhance decision making and stay on track toward future equity valuation targets.

In this segment, Brian Beaulieu, CEO for ITR Economics, kicks off the podcast by providing insights about the macroeconomic picture, and talks about the potential for a 2023/2024 recession, what’s causing it, what’s going on in the labor market, interest rates, inflation, and which industries will have no problem getting through the next two years.

In the second part, I discuss what is going on in the deal making space and provide an update on how the current environment is impacting valuations, deal structures, deal volume, and the perspective of different buyers, along with insights into the privately held deal market.

I’m followed by Doug Farren, director at the Center for Middle the Market, who shares the results of their semi-annual Middle Market Indicator (MMI), where they surveyed 1,000 middle-market companies. Doug talks about why the middle market is still doing well as we approach a recession and what middle market executives think about the next 12 months in key areas like labor, investment, and geopolitics.

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