Interested in a Feasibility Analysis?

One of the services we provide to business owners who are considering selling their business is our feasibility analysis. This free service helps potential sellers learn more about the structure and the results for shareholders as well as the potential outcome for management and employees if you were to sell your business to private equity, a strategic buyer, or into an ESOP structure. We use the analysis to help you and your team see the benefits and considerations associated with each transaction type.

Interested in Learning More?

Download a preview of the analysis we will provide at no cost to you or your company. If you would like to take the next step, fill out the form to request a free consultation from one of our senior M&A experts and see if a complimentary feasibility analysis is right for you.

Feasibility Analysis Highlights:

  • Preliminary company valuation range
  • Potential transaction results
  • Potential management and employee outcomes
  • Transaction process framework