During this webinar, Keith Butcher, Managing Partner at ButcherJoseph & Co., and Brian Beaulieu, CEO of ITR Economics, take a deep dive into the facts surrounding the metaphor known as the “Silver Tsunami” and how it will impact succession planning for business owners and the M&A landscape over the next decade.

Values Provided

  • For baby boomer business owners looking to sell their companies, we provide a better understanding of common challenges boomers will face over the next decade.
  • We share insights and options for business owners on current and potential future market conditions as well as the various options available to them as they look to exit their businesses or retire in the next decade.
  • ITR Economics provides insight into future market conditions in terms of probable business cycle status in future years and inflation and interest rate trend probabilities, and discussed potential implications for the M&A market.

Questions Answered

  • I am thinking about selling or retiring in the next 3 to 10 years – what are my options?
  • What will the M&A landscape look like for the next decade?
  • How will ongoing inflation impact my prospects upon a sale?
  • What do higher interest rates mean in terms of potential multiples?

Listen to the Webinar.