There’s a lot going on in the world today that could make business owners feel anxious and question what to do next with their business. Should you sell your business, acquire other companies, or grow intrinsic value?

Led by Arkona, LLC. CEO Ryan Tansom, this inaugural series features ButcherJoseph & Co. Managing Director Jeff BuettnerITR Economics CEO Brian Beaulieu, and GF Data Executive Director Bob Wegbreit.  

In the first segment from ITR Economics (05:57), Brian provides an analysis of current market trends and what to expect in the future as a business owner with consumer trends, increases in interest rates, and the predicted 2030 depression.

In the second segment (40:26), Bob from GF Data talks about M&A data and trends as well as how much debt and how much equity is being placed in M&A deals. 

In the final segment (1:17:19), Jeff from ButcherJoseph discusses what buyers are doing today and how they are valuing their investments. He talks about why a buyer may hesitate on a deal and what business owners can do now to position themselves to a potential offer.

Answers and discussions to all the questions above start in this first episode of our quarterly economic and M&A market update series.

This episode will be a bit longer because each guest provided an overview of their organization, their company’s background, and where they get their information.



We want to bring to private business owners resources – typically only accessed by people at the heart of private M&A deals and the capital markets – so you can make better decisions, grow the value of your company, and get where you want to go faster. 

Middle and lower market privately held business owners need more information on the economy, capital markets, and the M&A market that is timely, relevant, and useful. 

So many resources are spent gathering and publishing information that is geared toward the public markets, and we believe that privately held marketplaces need and deserve more attention.