Are you contemplating selling your business?

If so, you’re likely interested in learning about different buyer types for your company or how much your company is potentially worth. Or maybe you’re interested in learning about potential tax-advantages of selling to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). If so, read below.

There are many factors to consider if you are contemplating selling your business: 

  • Financial elements, such as tax implication and how much cash you will receive at closing
  • Non-financial factors like preserving your legacy and the well-being of your employees after a sale

One of the first steps to selling a company is gaining a deeper understanding of the company sale process and the different types of buyers that might be involved when selling your company, such as:

  • A strategic buyer or competitor
  • A financial buyer such as private equity
  • A sale to your employees through an ESOP

Each buyer type will offer unique benefits and considerations depending on your objectives and desired outcomes following a sale.  Becoming aware of the characteristics, objectives, and processes of each type of buyer will help you align your personal objectives and vision for the future of the company with that of the buyer. 

If you are considering a sale

One of the services we provide to business owners is a complimentary feasibility analysis study. This free service helps sellers learn more about the structure and the results for shareholders as well as the potential outcome for management and employees if you were to sell your business to private equity, a strategic buyer, or into an ESOP structure. As you weigh your options, this complimentary analysis will help you and your team see the benefits associated with each transaction type, as well as our insights into current market dynamics.

Contact us with questions or request a complimentary feasibility analysis study today.