ButcherJoseph Advises C&K Market Inc. on Employee Buyout

December 2020

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Press Release

“We are proud to be a 100% employee-owned company where everyone will share the experience of owning a business and allow our service to the community to thrive for generations to come.”

Karl Wissmann

President & CEO, C&K Market Inc.

Who is our client?

  • C&K Market Inc. (“C&K”) is an independent regional grocery retailer with a proud 60+ year history serving local communities in Southern and Central Oregon and Northern California. 
  • C&K operates three retail banner brands: Ray’s Food Place, Shop Smart and C&K Market.

Why did C&K hire ButcherJoseph?

ButcherJoseph worked with C&K to help them realize the following goals:

  • Provide opportunities for employees and key executives to benefit from the company’s future success
  • Preserve the existing management team and avoid the need to engage with external strategic buyers
  • Create a succession plan that authentically aligns with the company’s mission

What did ButcherJoseph deliver?

  • ButcherJoseph structured and negotiated a 100% ESOP buyout, providing meaningful liquidity to selling shareholders and future equity participation to all eligible employees.
  • ButcherJoseph designed a custom ESOP solution includes employee benefits, financial flexibility, and maximized tax advantages.
  • C&K now offers an additional benefit to their 1,200 employees upon retirement which reinforces its founder’s commitment to give back to those that make the company successful.