Financial Services

Financial Services


Seller Representation for Insurance Agencies and RIAs

At ButcherJoseph, we represent insurance agency owners and registered investment advisors (RIAs) who are contemplating a sale or planning a longer-term exit strategy. We are buyer agnostic, and help our clients find the best solution for their unique situation, whether that is a strategic buyer, financial buyer or selling their company to their employees through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).  We leverage our access to a network of qualified buyers and years of experience structuring transactions and raising capital to help clients achieve the most optimal outcome.

Through our consulting services and valuation practice, we also help sellers understand the current market environment and position their firm so they can achieve the highest multiple or meet any other objectives unique to their situation. As former insurance and investment management executives, we understand the nuances of the insurance and RIA landscape and can represent you and your firm in a more customized and personalized manner than a generalist advisor or broker dealer.

The benefits to our clients:

  • Deep knowledge of the industry
  • Consulting and pre-planning to best position firms for a sale
  • A multitude of exit options that best meet your desired outcomes
  • Professional representation and expert guidance
  • An expedited sale process with the highest level of service

Our goal is to help clients maximize the value of their firm – while meeting their non-financial objectives as well – through exploring a variety of buyer options. If you are looking to sell now or in the near future, we offer potential clients a complimentary feasibility analysis.  This free service helps sellers learn more about the structure and the results for shareholders as well as the potential outcome for management and employees if an owner(s) were to sell their business to private equity, a strategic buyer, or into an ESOP structure. As you weigh your options, this complimentary analysis will help you and your team see the benefits associated with each transaction type, as well as our insights into current market dynamics.